Best 25+ Christmas Crib Ideas and Pictures 2017

 Tips To Decorate The Christmas Crib Easily For Your Home

The Christmas is one of the popular festivals in the world and it is the celebration of the Jesus birth. Every year this festival was celebrated on 25th December and the people wish merry Christmas to everyone. On this occasion, the two items are most important such as Christmas tree and Christmas cake. In every Christian house the Christmas tree, candle, and cake available on this special occasion. The decorating of the christmas crib is important things during the festival. The people use the unique ideas to decorate the crib in their house. The churches and houses are cleaned and decorated with the variety of the flowers, lights, candles, sceneries and some other things. Everyone enjoy this occasion with the huge amount of the activities. Here you can see the tips to decorate the christmas crib easily.

Tip to decorate the Christmas crib

There is wide range of the ideas to decorate the crib simply such as plaster of paper idols, plastic idols and Paris idols and others. So you can choose the best ways to decorate the crib. You can also use the colorful flowers, lights, stars, and others to decorate crib in a unique way.

ü  Outdoor decoration theme

You can use the dry grass, jute sack and carton box that is an inexpensive idea to decorate the crib. The Christmas ornaments can also place in the entrance of christmas crib and you can use the ragi seeds in the surrounding areas that will give the green fields in the entire place. You can use mud and other materials to decorate the space in a different way. 

ü  Make beautiful Christmas crib

The christmas crib is generally made of the thistles, straws, and others. It gives manger look and the entire crib is decorated with the light and some elements like animals, stars, bells gifts and others. You can choose the small or large crib which is suitable for your living place. You can also decorate on the ground or otherwise set in the table.

Ice cream stick Christmas crib

With the help of the ice cream stick, you can also make the crib at the minimum cost. The sticks are painted with the white color paint and cotton balls to decorate like a snow theme. The cotton ball is used to cover the area inside and outside the crib that gives the snow effect. The Santa Claus, snow man, and others can also be added in the christmas crib. The silver ornaments, stars, baby Jesus and others give the grand look to the entrance.

Wood Christmas crib

The wooden crib is one of the latest trends for this occasion. In the wood crib, you can decorate the crib with the grass, lights, flowers, straw, and others. You can also put some stones, pebbles, and others to make the christmas crib look more natural and unique. According to the Christmas story, the carved figurines are arranged in the crib. It is one of the easiest and unique ways to decorate the space.